SET UP: We know how excited you are to get your Training Football, HnTv1 or HnTv2.  We have made set up FAST and SIMPLE.  Upon receiving your ball, HnTv1 or HnTv2, please inspect and ensure that all elements (BALL and BAG; Batteries should be installed for HnTv1 and HnTv2) are without damage from shipping or opening, if you have issues with damage call me, Coach Tom Creguer (Cray-jur) personally at 989-400-7273. 

STEP 2- As you WATCH the 2018 SET UP VIDEO ABOVE for HnTv1 and HnTv2 and ensure the batteries are installed; you MAY need to remove the clear pull tab on HnTv2 (yes, it should have been colored-messed that up).  You will know whether you have to AFTER you watch the video and follow the Warm-up / testing technique for the balls.   If you did not receive batteries in HnTv1 or HnTv2, that means they are already installed.  


IF you have a WHITE STRIP OF batteries in the HnTv1 package, please watch the VIDEO BELOW and remove the battery cap from the power source by taking a coin and stacking ALL FOUR provided batteries "+" side up in the compartment.  Be aware that if the ALL FOUR batteries are not placed in the correct order the buzzer will not work.  Go TRAIN, COMPETE, REPEAT! 



Start with the basic of teaching your athletes to make a PEACE SIGN with their Index and Middle finger and SPLIT them with the tip of the ball.  WIDEN the fingers out and think SURFACE AREA CONTACT with the wrist and the hand.  Especially if you have smaller hands this technique will magnify their effectiveness. 

After you start teaching the SPLIT, please teach the athlete to train with the HnT logo on their forearm or chest so they can see an "X" with the seams of the ball between the Index and Middle finger.  This awareness in training will condition the athlete to know what the most stable hold feels like.  Just like a QB doesn't look for the laces, a ball carrier, with training can feel if they have the seams of the ball against their body.  The seams between the body keep the athlete from compressing the ball to the chest because it is the strongest part of the ball and cannot be squeezed.  The ball will literally pivot or rotate when the seams of the ball are between their body.

Strive to train them with PANEL TO FOREARM and PANEL TO CHEST for awareness of the perfect hold.

Next remember that we are all a product of habits that come from repetitions.   The athletes need to work on carrying the ball HIGHandTIGHT as often as possible in any time of the practice.  They need to have others HEAR THEM GET BETTER!

God Bless and train well.

Coach Tom Creguer

989-400-7273;  If you purchased program support or review please contact us to schedule this evaluation.